FuelAid Systems for Truck Fleets





8% to 25% or MORE!


Recent Results

(average savings)

Tanker: 9% 

Mid-size: 14%

General Freight: +/-16%


Recent comparison of General Freight test truck (641221) to like vehicles in fleet





Amazing Mercedes Truck Results - Brazilian Testimonial (click here)




Full Size CHEVY SCHOOL BUS 10.5 Average Mpg went to 13.5Mpg,

stabilized at 28.5% Savings!

FORD F450 +6 Liter Ten Passenger Transit Van 6.65 Mpg stabilized at 9.22 Mpg,

stabilized at 38.6% Savings!

DETROIT DIESEL 14 Liter Class A Tractor [Trailer] stabilized at 33% savings!

Saved $10,000 the first three months.

The “Stabilization Period” is the time it takes for all the steel air and fuel lines to absorb some of the energy from the treated fuel and air until the steel reaches its saturation point and allows the fully energized fuel and air to go into the combustion chamber. During this period, the economy continues to climb until it is maximized at the end of the Stabilization Period.

The Stabilization Period is longer on larger engines because there is more steel to saturate.

  1. Light and medium duty cars and trucks stabilize within 3-5 tanks of fuel.
  2. Large Class 8 trucks stabilize within 12,000 to 20,000 miles.


Monthly Savings Table




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FuelAid Automotive/Trucks PowerPoint presentation (click to open)

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