Monopole Magnetic Fuel Conditioning Technical Document (click here)

FuelAid System’s non-invasive molecular optimization technology converts para-hydrogen to ortho-hydrogen in order to energize the engine for better performance and engine longevity. Using NASA ortho-hydrogen modified rocket technology; the FuelAid System improves fuel efficiency and decreases emissions by atomically breaking up molecular clusters for more complete combustion.


The elegant design of this technology is best summed up with one age-old adage: opposites attract. Fuel molecules have a natural affinity for one another, causing opposite charges to group together – something like a cluster of grapes. If this cluster of fuel molecules enters the combustion chamber, only the molecules on the outside will fully combust while the interior molecules remain sheltered and may only partially combust, preventing the fuel from burning completely and effectively. Conversely, introducing a like charge (positive to positive or negative to negative) to any hydrogen-based fuel will cause the positive and negatively charged molecules to repel, thus separating them from the cluster into individual molecules for better burning.


Complete combustion produces additional energy, which translates into improved power and increased fuel efficiency from your vehicle. Completely burning your fuel also decreases pollution by eliminating the undesirable emissions caused by incomplete combustion, consequently preventing these harmful emissions from contributing to air pollution.


Save Money:

The main reasons people purchase a FuelAid System is to save money. Typical fuel savings are in the 20-35% range, however, the percentage can vary depending on a variety of factors, such as the condition of the engine, payload, weather conditions and specific driving habits.


Environmentally Friendly:

The FuelAid System virtually eliminates harmful emissions and pollution, which will assist in passing provincial emission tests, resulting in healthier air and less smog for your community. After the initial stabilization period of 3-5 tanks of fuel, hydrocarbons and carbon monoxide are generally reduced 50-99%.


Increased Horsepower:

An added advantage is increased engine performance. FuelAid Systems increase combustion efficiency for a cleaner burn, resulting in a 5-15% increase in horsepower. Imagine getting high-octane performance with low-octane fuel! Vehicles using premium fuel can now safely use regular –if equipped with a FuelAid System – and enjoy increased horsepower as well as fuel savings. Diesel engines will experience less congealing of fuel in cold weather.


Cleaner Engine:

The FuelAid System removes accumulated carbon and varnish (gunk) buildup in the engine. During the stabilization period, the system will dissolve the corrosion and scale build-up in the head, cylinder cooling jackets, radiator and heater. After the stabilization period (3-5 tanks of fuel), replace the air filter and change the oil. Energized fuel requires a clean air filter for complete flow-through; otherwise, the fuel will be oxygen starved and can reduce mileage and increase exhaust emissions.


After the stabilization period, the FuelAid System will prevent scale build-up and corrosion in your engine, allowing you to go longer between oil changes. It also keeps oil cleaner, as the engine burns the carbon, so both your engine and oil will last much longer, enhancing engine longevity and preventing costly repairs.