FuelAid Systems & Optimizers Inc. (FSO) is an Ontario company, formed to commercially exploit certain third generation fuel conditioning technology developed over the last 4 years by its parent, Granfel Power Inc. All technology is now market ready, and will be sold on the website, by sales representatives, and distributors globally. FSO has worked with and assisted the USA resident inventors, in Canada, USA and UK. FSO was instrumental in the technology successfully completing SAE Type 2 testing protocols in proving the efficacy of FuelAid technology. The technology is represented exclusively by FSO in Canada, and the only restrictions globally are in Brazil and Greece.


FSO is about the science of conditioning liquids and gases. FSO technology can be applied to all forms of combustion engines, and has had no failures in internal combustion applications. The successes respecting fuel economy, increased power, and elimination of harmful pollutants continue to dramatically increase, as documented on this site. The third generation technology is improved and game changing.